The past and present

The past and present of PMP patients’ network of Japan

The PMP patients’ network of Japan was established in 2006.

At the time, there was no effective treatment for PMP. Also, despite being an intractable condition, PMP was not addressed by the country’s Intractable Disease program. This led to many difficulties for patients.

After losing her son to complications from PMP, a woman named Mrs. Fujii and her friends established this group in order to ensure that future patients would be able to receive the same benefits as patients of other intractable conditions.
Despite recieving much support, the group was unable to have PMP officially classified as an intractable condition, but has been able to provide a number of benefits to patients.

Now, the focus of this organization is providing support and delivering information to patients and their families, as well as allowing patients to meet and help one another. We also continue to ask for support for PMP patients from the government and other related organizations.